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New Build a Bagger Touring Upgrade Kit

Willie & Max's touring upgrade kit for popular cruisers will take your cruiser to a full touring model in no time! The kit includes the inner and outer fairing, 9” clear windshield, lockable hard sided durable ABS saddlebags, bike specific sturdy steel mounting brackets and all required hardware for this bolt on kit to turn your cruiser into a touring machine.  The fairing and saddlebags are molded from tough UV stable ABS and are available in primer, gloss black or OE customer color matching (quoted on an individual basis).  Other accessories include a Fusion RA-200 Radio, High Powered Amp, Hidden Antenna, Speakers, USB Cable Assembly, Wire Harness, 3.5" Smoked Windshield, 7" Clear Windshield, 12" Clear Windshield and more.  Fitments are now available for the Yamaha Road Star '99-14', Yamaha V-Star 950 '09-'14, Yamaha V-Star 1100 00’-09’, Yamaha V-Star 1300 07'-14', Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic '06-'14, Honda VTX1300 (all models) '03-'09, Honda VTX1800 02'-08' (the fairing fits all models, the bags do not fit 1800F or 1800N), Honda Stateline, Interstate, Sabre '10-'14 and Suzuki C50 06'-14'.  Now available - universal mounting brackets that will make it easier to mount the Willie & Max touring kit onto other bike models.  Call us today for more information on what you need to do to determine if the universal brackets will work on your bike 1-800-558-7755.


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Willie & Max Touring Kit FAQ’s

Why do I have to wait so long for it to ship?

No matter how you measure it - by weight, raw material, or cost, more than 97% of this kit is made in USA. However, the kit contains some globally sourced hardware pieces with long lead times, and availability of these parts is the driver for our shipping dates.

What bikes will the kit fit?


Initial fitments include the '03-'09 Honda VTX 1300 C, R and early S models (full retro fender and spoke wheels), 2010-2014 Honda VT 1300 Stateline and Interstate, '09-'14 Yamaha V-Star 950, '07-'14 Yamaha V-Star 1300, '04-'11 Yamaha Road Star, and '06-'14 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, '03-'09 Honda VTX 1300 and 1800, '06-'14 Suzuki C50.

We also have a universal fitment available that will fit a variety of bikes and were currently working on a round of V-Twin fitments, due out Spring of 2014.


Will you make a kit to fit my bike in the future?

New fitments will be released on a regular basis based on our current business plan and your input to determine the popularity of certain models. The website should be checked for notices of new fitments.


Why did you collect my personal and bike information on your website?

Several reasons: One, we want to be able to notify customers when the kits are available for shipment; two, as mentioned above, we are interested in hearing from our customers about their bikes to help us determine future fitments; and three, we’d like to be able to send updates to our customers as we introduce new accessories or new fitments for the touring kit.

Where can I buy the kit?

The kit can be bought through most motorcycle or motorcycle accessory dealers or directly online at www.willieandmax.com. If your dealer is unfamiliar with the kit when you approach them, he or she can contact Willie & Max through the website and our inside sales team will help them order the correct product for your bike. We’ll ship it to the dealership for them to install on your ride, or for you to pick it up if you are installing the kit yourself. Online customer orders will be sent to the “Ship-to” address as noted in the order.

What is included in the “touring kit”?

The full kit contains a front fairing assembly consisting of the inner fairing, the outer fairing, a 9” clear windshield, and all mounting hardware and brackets to assemble and attach the fairing to the bike. Also included are the rear, lockable saddlebags with all mounting hardware and brackets to assemble and attach the saddlebags to the bike.

Is the touring kit designed especially for my bike?

The main components are pretty much universal. There are two inner fairings available and two outer fairings. Both inner fairings are the same design; the difference is that one part number comes pre-cut and drilled to allow for the radio installation, and the other part number does not have the holes pre-cut and drilled. The two outer fairings are the same piece with slightly different trim patterns to allow for different clearances needed for the headlight opening and mounting location. Most mounting frames – fairing and saddlebag - are designed specifically for one model of motorcycle. In some cases, the fairing or bag mounts may fit more than one bike through the use of adaptor brackets.

What material is the kit made of?

The main body components are molded of UV resistant ABS, assembled with proven structural adhesive technology, and finished with durable automotive grade paint systems. Windshields are DOT approved acrylic, and mounting frames are made from the same steel that our parent company, Dowco Inc., uses to engineer the mounts on many of the OEM components Dowco produces. The hinge and lock bezels are polished stainless steel. Thousands of miles have been racked up testing the function and durability of our designs.

What paint colors are available for purchase?

Stock colors offered include a urethane based primer/sealer ready for your own custom paint job and a universal base-coat/clear-coat polyurethane gloss black.

Can I order the kit color-matched to my OEM motorcycle paint scheme?

Yes, an OEM color matching option will be available. However, there are some conditions: lead time and price will need to be quoted based on your color and our backlog of custom orders. Some colors – like silver - have wide variances in shade even from the factory, so our warranty for color matching will be limited to the workmanship and quality of the paint job, not the actual color match. A slight difference in shade may occur and is quite normal, but because many parts of a motorcycle do not directly touch each other, these differences should be undetectable or virtually unnoticeable. Also, some special OEM graphics like tribal patterns cannot be incorporated into our color match program.

Can I order a full custom paint job with flames, skulls, daisies, or iridescent multi-layer pearl colors on my kit?

Not from Willie & Max.

Will it be expensive to color match my kit?

Prices for color matched parts will vary widely based on color, or if the paint is a tri-coat system of base/color/clear, or if your stock paint scheme is two-tone or unique in some other way.
Having said that, we anticipate our prices will be an attractive option to using a local body shop or something similar. Additionally, once you receive your kit, you’ll be ready to bolt it on and go touring.

How will I know the exact price of a color matched kit for my bike?

When your order is received, one of our inside sales reps will contact you or your dealer to get the exact information needed to quote your price. In turn, we’ll work with our painters to obtain a quote. We’ll communicate this information back to you or your dealer, so you will have the opportunity to place the order or choose another paint option.

Everything mentioned so far references a “kit”. Can these components be ordered separately?

Yes, the mounting brackets, the fairing assembly, and saddlebag system can be purchased individually. This will allow a customer to “build their bagger” as their time and budget allow, while still providing an integrated look.

What if for some reason I just want to order one saddlebag or the outer part of the fairing because of a tip-over?

At this time, “service parts” are not set up, but this is a possibility shortly following the launch of the product line.

What types of accessories are available for the touring kit?

At introduction, there should be several windshield styles and heights available, windshield trim, saddlebag liners, an inner fairing dash panel, and storage accessories like windshield pouches. As time goes on, other trim and lighting accessories will be added.

Will the touring kit interfere with accessories I may have already installed on my bike?

This depends. We made a strong attempt to make sure our mounting brackets worked with most OE accessories and provided adequate clearances – such as backrest brackets and racks, or spotlight kits. Having said that, given the variety of parts in the aftermarket and all of the possible combinations, you may need to determine this yourself, including making a choice to remove or modify a previously installed item to gain the convenience and storage advantages offered by this kit.

Can I install this kit or these components myself, and how long will it take?

If you’re a rider that wrenches and performs their own maintenance like changing oil, installing OEM accessories like backrests, windshields and luggage racks, or changing tires, you can probably install the full kit in three to five hours or so, including the radio system. If you typically let your dealer maintain your bike because you’re not into wrenching or would rather spend any free time riding, then it might be best to let a dealer install the kit. A dealer’s installation time should be closer to the three hour estimate.

Do I have to modify, cut, or drill anything on my bike?

Generally speaking, no. We don’t say unequivocally no because we are aware of one pretty cool cruiser model that requires some holes to be drilled in the side of the rear fender to mount their OE accessory backrest, and those same holes are required to install our saddlebag mounts. Otherwise, no. All of these components and mounts bolt on at existing locations. In some cases within the range of OE adjustability, front turn signals may need to be moved slightly to clear a bracket. No rear signal relocation kits are needed with the current fitments.

What is the deal on the audio?

The radio we offer from Fusion electronics is a waterproof marine unit in a compact chassis that has fully integrated iPod controls via a USB cable, RCA inputs for other mP3 players (adapter required, not included: 1/8” stereo plug to RCA type inputs) is SiriusXM capable (with an optional module, not included), a VHF band, and has large, easy to use controls. The speakers are premium, high performance, market tested, quality motorcycle audio, and the same can be said of the available power amplifier upgrade. The full audio kit comes supplied with all wiring and hardware needed to mount it in the fairing.

Why should I buy this kit versus other products in the market?

It has a unique style – its not a clone of someone else’s fairing done over, and over, and over. This is an integrated kit designed, tested, and produced by the same engineering and manufacturing team that has done dozens of projects for OEM’s and the aftermarket – Dowco, Inc., parent company of Willie & Max. Thousands of miles of real world riding were completed to test the functionality, durability, handling and wind deflection properties of the kit for the various fitments offered. Accessories have been developed, and more will be developed, to let you customize the kit to your specifications. Also important, we priced this kit to be very competitive in the market with the products that are out there. This kit will allow owners to convert their current cruisers to a casual touring model for a fraction of the cost of a new bike, letting more dollars be used for road trips! For less than the price of just the saddlebags from one competitor, you can purchase our complete bolt-on touring kit in gloss black for several cruiser models.

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